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Data driven environmental risk and hazard assesment for large scale land use.

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Welcome to the new era of inspection.

Aerial analytics save you time. And cut your costs– all from the comfort of your desk.

We help you prioritize where to send resources. Get a report of identified risks, prioritized from greatest to least. Upload a 3D model and explore current and potential geohazards through our viewer, so your team can visualize and quantify what’s happening in the field before hitting the ground.

All of this, overnight.

Read how aerial imagery is changing the way we work

Enhancing Your Vision

Keeps eyes on the ground and in the field with high resolution drone imagery and analytics, like new landslides and areas with poor BMP installation.

In the beginning?

Our analytics were born from 167 cumulative years in Natural Resource Sciences and are formulated to specifically predict and prevent unexpected occurrences in large scale land use projects. With SolSpec, you can make decisions from your desk instead of the field and ultimately reduce risk, time and expenditure.

More about SolSpec

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What they say about us


“SolSpec allows our pipeline integrity team to evaluate possible hazards so we can send out work crews to the most problematic areas first. Because of our work with SolSpec we are able to stay efficient in addressing our most pressing concern– safety.”

Steve Lutes
Huwa Enterprises

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Supported Data Collection?

Let us help you fly your sites or train your team to collect imagery that can be run for analysis.?

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Full Analytics & Reports

Choose which analytics fit your site’s needs. From identifying slips, ensuring quality revegetation or determining stormwater vulnerabilities, we have you covered.

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Custom Solutions

After we identify potential problem areas, we will not only connect you to solution providers, but also monitor and QA construction.

Reduce costs. Prioritize resources. Save time.

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An example of our viewer: analysis of vegetation (proximity and height) encroachment on your right of way.

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