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The Most Powerful Drone Data Processing and Analytics Platform

Map. Measure. Mitigate.

Environmental risk and hazard assessments software for large scale assets and land use. Stay in compliance, cut costs and increase team productivity– all from the comfort of your desk.

Industry-Specific Analytics

Choose which analytical layers fit your company’s needs best. Hire us for custom analytical services from our professional services team.


Data Management

Share projects, imagery and analytics with your team in the field and in the office. Our data management of your 3D imagery is best in class.


Our maps and summaries prioritize which areas are out of compliance and in need of resources. Get a report of identified risks– prioritized from greatest to least high risk.

Welcome to the new era of inspection

Join hundreds of other companies innovating the way they inspect their infrastructure and land. Collect, view and report on your asset in a faster, more efficient manner.

"SolSpec allows our team to quickly identify possible hazards so we can send out work crews to the most problematic areas first. Because of our work with SolSpec we are able to stay efficient in addressing our most pressing concern– safety."

– Steve Lutes, Huwa Enterprises

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