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How It Works

SolSpec’s analytics and reporting dashboard gives companies the power to map, measure and mitigate environmental hazards on sites and around their assets.

Collect Data

Collect images through UAVs or drones, unmanned planes or satellite imagery.

Our team is available to fly if you do not have pilots on staff. We can also help you ground-truth or collect field points.


Upload photos from mapping flights to our cloud-based software for storage, management and organization.

Organize your flights by project, so that you can view multiple flights at a time and compare against earlier flights.



Generate 2D maps and 3D terrain models 2x faster than the leading competitor.

Process multiple flights simultaneously using our parallel and distributed processing engine. 



Use our suite of industry-specific analytics to arrive at decisions quickly.

Our analytics are designed to provide comprehensive insight into large projects quickly. 

Minimize project risk with at-a-glance reports covering projects ranging from a few acres to thousands.



View your entire project in 2D and 3D with analysis overlays instead of viewing each flight individually.

Share and collaborate across team members.

Set data access permissions for internal users.


"The SolSpec team and platform allowed our in-field decisions to take days instead of weeks. It's crazy to think of how we were making decisions before SolSpec."

– Anonymous user

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