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Oil and Gas

Achieve maximum ROI for your right-of-way (ROW) with SolSpec's analytics suite. Whether monitoring your asset throughout its lifecycle or quickly identifying potentials for geohazards, we have a model to assist you. Our 3D models and industry standard reports will save you time and money, keep your crew safe and facilitate compliance. With SolSpec your data is secure and represents best in class accuracy.

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Stay safe and compliant from home when you use SolSpec high accuracy mining suite on your project. Our analytics for mining combine all the power of our Oil and Gas suite with volumetrics so you can reduce costs and streamline workflows. With the SolSpec viewer, you will be able to analyze 3D models and deliver industry standards reports, while your data is secure and represents best in class accuracy.

Alternative Energy
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Solar and Wind

SolSpec uses thermal sensors to aid with construction, planning, and environmental monitoring of wind and solar farms. Use our analytics to develop construction plans and find faulty solar panels, reducing inspection time and costs on building and maintaining your farm.

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