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Know what’s going on with your pipeline no matter where you are.

Quality first

Why choose SolSpec

SolSpec is the leader in user-friendly drone image processing. We feature and extendable application and API, an understandable web interface to store, analyze, and visualize your drone data. Use drone data in interactive web maps, 3d models, and more.

Larger Coverage Area

Know what’s going on with your pipeline even when you aren’t there.

Discover Problems Faster

Identify right of way issues, environmental hazards, and encroachment, before they become real problems for your pipeline.

Reduce Liability

Keep your team and assets protected from liability issues.

SolSpec In The News

SolSpec Launches Innovative Drone Solutions for Gas, Oil Pipelines

SolSpec has developed an online asset management tool that allows users to visualize and extract information specific to pipeline construction and operations.

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SolSpec: Drone Tech Meets Data Analytics

With a keen understanding that the one-size-fits-all analytic model is obsolete, team SolSpec takes a contextual approach to their machine learning models, which are programmed by SEMs to provide a tailored solution.

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SolSpec Launches Aerial Analytics Solution for Pipeline Integrity Management

SolSpec Inc., a provider of remote sensing and data analytics, today announced SolSpec™ ROW Integrity Management, an advanced aerial imagery and data analytics solution designed specifically for assessing, mitigating, and preventing geohazard risks on pipeline right-of-ways.

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About SolSpec

Committed to Quality

SolSpec marries centuries of cumulative experience with a drive to build real-world solutions through aerial imagery. SolSpec was founded under a vision to improve environmental and public safety and to increase efficiencies for the energy industry. Our experts give extensive support and walk clients through how the data can be utilized to best meet the company’s specific needs.


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