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The SolSpec Platform

The most powerful software for processing and analyzing your aerial imagery.

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Processing Power

SolSpec's processing power is 2x faster  than the leading competitor 

Designed for Scale

SolSpec software was designed to grow with you from infancy to enterprise. 

Comprehensive Maps

View your project as a whole rather than fragmented by flight.

When looking at the image processing landscape, the current solutions did not meet our processing and workflow requirements.

Most software was only one piece of the puzzle, which would require us to write custom code around that software.  The “soup to nuts” solutions either could not handle our data needs, or did not meet our definition of “complete.”  So, we started scoping out what would be the SolSpec Platform.



The launch of the SolSpec Platform is the culmination of 18 months of work. We wanted a better way.

The SolSpec Platform eliminates the need for most of our hands-on processes.  It also creates a single integrated process that allows us to be faster, scalable and resilient.  

The SolSpec Platform allows us to serve our customers data in a rapid and accurate manner, straight to their browser.

– Todd Barr, SolSpec CTO

The Only Tool You'll Ever Need

Upload Multiple Flights

No longer do you need to wait for one flight to upload at a time. 

Data Comparisons

Compare datasets or data at different points in time with our easy to use slide ruler.

Layer Ordering

Arrange the order and opacity of your layers in the way that works for you and your project.

True 3D

View your 3D data in a viewer that maps out where your site is-- not just in space. 


Collaborate with multiple users on a single project. 


SOC II Type 2 Compliant

SolSpec abides by strict security policies and procedures to protect your data.

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