3D Model of Landslide

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Learn Top Use Cases for Drone Imagery Analytics

Learn how other companies are using imagery and analytics to provide a safer and more productive work environment.

Hazard Detection

Hazard Detection predicts where issues are most likely to occur on the project. This covers a wide range of issues such as:

  • Propensity for landslides

  • Slope grade on the project area

  • Wetland identification

  • Soil inspection

  • Critical Habitat compliance

sediment yield screenshot

Stormwater MAnagement

Analyze your assets for stormwater runoff, soil loss, and proper placement of erosion controls.

Vegetation AnalySIS

Monitor the vigor and cover of vegetation on your asset and know immediately if you are in compliance and have healthy ground cover.

vegetation classification screenshot

Change Detection

With the earth and the people on it constantly shifting, its difficult to keep an eye on the full scope of your asset with in-house resources. SolSpec’s change detection is with you throughout the duration of your project’s lifecycle.

This analytics suite helps you navigate to key areas within the project to identify changes such as:

  • Encroachment
  • Excavation
  • Progress monitoring

Understand your asset

It has never been easier to understand the geohazard, stormwater and vegetation patterns on your site.